Mastermind – Week 9

“Visualization is the mechanism of the attachment which you require. Visualization is a very different process from seeing; seeing is physical, and is therefore related to the objective world, the “world without,” but Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective mind, the “world within.” It therefore possesses vitality; it will grow. The thing visualized will manifest itself in form. The mechanism is perfect; it was created by the Master Architect who “doeth all things well,” but unfortunately sometimes the operator is inexperienced or inefficient, but practice and determination will overcome this defect.”

This is my resonant quote for this week, as it really speaks to where I am in my ongoing experience.

You see, I’ve tried visualization in the past, based on my books I’d read and following the guidance of many of the gurus out there, but nothing ever really seemed to click. Now I’ve come to understand it was the operator, and the ‘little things’.

As mentioned last week, it wasn’t until going through the first several weeks of the MKMMA and working through the weekly lessons and other exercises that it really began to come together for me, a little bit at least, and I’m slowly beginning to understand the process.

While I continue to try different patterns of the exercises and readings, one of the key things that  really seems to be starting to work for me is to wrap up by reading my DMP out loud with gusto, doing the same with my press release, and then going into at least a 15 – 20 minute sit. I focus on my breathing, then give gratitude for all that I have and then begin my visualization.

It’s a summer afternoon, some 5 years from now. I’m sitting on the upper deck of our beachfront house, sitting in the dappled shade filtered through the trees with a cold sweating beer in my hand, and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shoreline and the smell of the sale sea air wafting in from the beach.

As I gaze out upon the water, I reflect on the past few years, on the several successful online business we’ve built, the many coaching clients I have the joy of working with, and the excitement of my speaking engagements, sharing the many principles that I have learned and have helped me to manifest my success. My thoughts drift the lifestyle of liberty we are able to enjoy, living in our dream home, traveling the world at will, and our ability to give back to others in so many ways. My heart fill with gratitude as I reflect on what I’ve been able to achieve, the freedom we now enjoy, and the extent to which we are able to help others.

This is where that extra little rush seems to come in, as it all comes together as in the present. I hope, and somehow feel, that this is the ‘leading edge’ of manifestation. Time will tell, and I still feel I need to work harder and apply more focus, but, as mentioned before, I feel like I’m on a, or the, path. Working on becoming a better operator.

Thanks for reading, and, as always, I wish you all the best on your own journey. Let’s meet again next week. I look forward to it.

I always keep my promises,



3 thoughts on “Mastermind – Week 9

  1. Laine,
    I love what you are saying! I see your persistence. I feel your passion for the course. What you are doing is not gone unnoticed. It’s so great that you are getting what Marks saying in the webinars. Keep up the good work!


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